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When a reader opens the newspaper, of course the design of an ad is important if you want him to notice it. But, notice it or not, if he is not in the market to buy windows that day, he will only glance at your ad before he turns the page. However, if he is actively in the market to buy windows, he may seek out a newspaper to scan its pages for offers. Usually - on any given day only a small percentage of a newspaper's total readership will he in the market to buy windows from you. In advertising, this is referred to as a thin market. This thin market is the population you are hoping to reach.

The kind of product you sell determines how the thin market theory applies to your business. If you sell toothpaste, you know that your product is a necessity, and that it will be used and purchased daily But a much smaller percentage of people are in the market on any given day to replace their windows. That’s why it's very important to advertise as often as your budget will allow. If you choose to add newspaper to your media mix, you must use it consistently to reach the thin market.

In newspaper, less is definitely more. Your ad will receive far more attention if it contains white space. By design, every page of a newspaper is literally covered with lots of black ink. White space in your ad will stop the reader's eye, and help him focus on your ad. Use white space between the outside border and the copy and illustrations to achieve maximum results.

It is equally important to stay away from too many starbursts, snipes and other strong visual elements in your ads. When there are too many visual elements, they start competing for the reader's attention. When that happens, people can't concentrate on your sales message.

If you want your ad to really sell for you, make sure it contains a strong offer. You must be absolutely honest with yourself when you are running an ad with an offer Is the offer really a good one? Would you respond to it? People are pretty smart these days. They won't respond to an offer that is weak or an offer that sounds illegitimate.



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