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Your Identity

The word identity has taken on so many meanings, it's often difficult to even define the word. For the sake of this section, we will define identity as:

The overall image of your company as portrayed through logos, business cards, letterhead and signage.

Your identity is your proverbial "first impression" and as such must be taken seriously. Take an objective look at your current logo, name and overall identity. Does it truly represent your company? Does it make your business look smaller than it really is? Is it as professional as you would like to be thought of?

Often, you can contract with a small designer or even a small print shop to update your current identity for as little as $500 including letterhead, envelopes, logo, mailing labels, etc. If you take a look through the ideas portion of this section, you'll notice that the best logos are simple, easy to reproduce on various media, and look good in either black-and-white or in color.

Your identity can make you look bigger, smaller, more successful or less successful. It's a powerful concept that will affect your business -- one way or the other -- over time.

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Good examples of clean logos for professional use.



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