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Four Types of Ads

There are basically four different kinds of ads you can place in a newspaper.

The first, the institutional ad, is an ad that helps position your company. Institutional ads sell the overall benefits of your business and Milgard Windows. Often, these ads are clever and fun for your prospect to read. You should run an occasional institutional ad to help strengthen your company and product's image.

The second, the coupon ad, sells product. This kind of ad contains a strong offer. Technically, coupon ads are really a form of direct response advertising because they ask the reader to respond directly to you. When you include a coupon in your ad, be sure to leave enough room for your prospect to fill in his name, address and phone number.

You should also include your phone number in the ad. Some people want to respond to your offer, but they'd rather pick up the phone than fill out a coupon. If you include a phone number in your ads, you should invest in an answering machine or a telephone answering service for those times when your dealership is closed.

The third, the sell ad, does not contain a coupon, but it still actively sells product benefits. It may or may not contain a strong offer. Remember, whenever you include an offer in your ad, you must include an expiration date, and your phone number

The fourth, the advertorial, also sells product. These ads are written in a journalistic style, and not an advertising style. They look and sound more like a newspaper article than an ad. Their strength is that they can deliver a lot of information about replacement windows and/or your company. Some people will respond to an advertorial even though they wouldn't respond to a coupon ad. However, they are not as easy to create as other kinds of ads. The style and quality of the writing is very important in advertorials.

You should try to use a mix of all four types of newspaper ads. Different types of people respond to different types of ads. Don't limit yourself to just hard-sell ads or you may not be reaching all of your prospects.


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