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One of the most cost-effective and direct ways to market to your builder customers is through seminars and clinics. The typical event can be planned and executed in a little over a month for a minimum cost.

Seminars and clinics can take several shapes:

Just about anything you can dream up to market or focus on can take the shape of an event or clinic. Typically, an event would take place as follows:

Remember that the best events offer some fun for the attendees. It could be in the invitation -- like a key in the package that could open a French Door at the event and win the door for the builder. Or at the event -- say a putting contest for prizes. This small added cost adds a lot of value to your event and is quite memorable.

When your seminar or clinic is product related, let your Milgard representative help you plan and execute the event. You'll get a hand in the planning and have a "factory rep" on hand for any tough product issues.

We're provided some invitation ideas, some flyers, and some event outlines to help you in planning your event.


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